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Muay Thai or Thai boxing in Thailand information

Muay Thai: one of the best martial arts

Thailand is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and the majestic elephants. However, did you know that it is also home to one of the most ancient forms of martial art? Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing is a fascinating combat sport, which can leave you awestruck after watching a fully-fledged match of muay Thai. The fighting sport traces its origin way back to the 13th century. Although the sport has evolved over the years in various ways, the main base of the sport has remained the same. People tend to mistake regular boxing to muay Thai. However, there are many distinct techniques involved in Thai boxing, which make it unique and different. Muay Thai is more than just regular punching, kicking and thrusting.

This is a kind of combat sport but the techniques and methods make it a very deep form of martial art. This vigorous form of sport makes it stand out among the various other sports. Anybody looking to master the techniques of muay Thai needs to undergo a rigorous training under the supervision of skilled instructors who would have masters the combat sport in a professional manner. Muay Thai is also known as the science of the eight limbs as it involves the action of the hands, elbows, legs and knees. The head is one part of the human body, which is not allowed to be used in muay Thai. You need to knock off your opponent using these eight limbs. Well if you think it is quite easy think, again as a professionally trained muay Thai fighter can brutally knock you out in minutes.

When you watch a game of muay Thai, you will certainly be awed at the sturdy grace and speed at which the fighters move their hands and legs using the various techniques to knock the opponent out. Each of the strikes would be very powerful and forceful but the way in which they implement these movements is a treat to the common eye. The art of muay Thai is a deep form of martial art, which needs a lot of training and practice over the years. There many muay Thai training centers spread over the length and breadth of Thailand to help train and master this martial form of combat sport.

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Muay Thai is a pure form of art and sport mixed together. The fighters of muay Thai are very tough due to the rigorous training they undergo during the learning sessions.

There are many muay thai camps in Australia . If any muay thai gyms in Australia want to train muay thai in Thailand , please contact us .

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a martial art sport and it is important in MMA ( mix martial arts) sport .Some one train muay thai for fitness or lose weight . so Muay Thai is a good sport to help you have a good health . If you want take care your health or improve your fitness , you can do this sport to lose your weight . Some one lose weight about 10 kilograms in 1 month by training muay thai everyday .

If you want to learn about muay thai, you need to pay attention about how to kick , elbow, knee and punch . You can try to join with Muay Thai & MMA training camp Phuket , Thailand. You can easily get the detail of training service from website .

On Friday 20th July , Looknimi will fight with Nongbear at muay thai stadium and everyone believe that this muay thai fight is exciting match . Although Looknimi used to beat Nongbear , but today fight in Nongbear 's local muay thai stadium so he don’t want he defeat again .
I will updated the news , training or muay thai training camp from thailand to you in soon . Training muay thai is good to improve your muay thai skill .

News of Muay thai on 24-06-2012 :Pacquiao becomes a political issue in US Manny Pacquiao has helped keep professional boxing as a premier combat sport alive and well in the 21st century.
For the past decade, the Filipino has shown to the world that an elite Asian can excel in one of the toughest sports on the planet.
That the 'Pacman' has done just about everything that a boxer can accomplish, defending his world titles in multiple weight divisions watched by millions of people, it's sad that the man who's regarded by many as the greatest pound-for-pound boxer in the modern era has become the victim of the US politics.
This legislation would not be restricted to boxing but would cover all combat sports including Muay Thai and mixed martial arts (MMA).

News of Muay thai on 23-08-2012 : The big fight on next Saturday
Chock from Eminent muay thai gym , the big muay thai figter , always win from last 5 matches . Last fight he fight for main fight and win Kompetchlek Lookparbaht with good style . Team Executive of Siam muay thai stadium impress his art of muay thai so support him to fight with the lasted muay thai champion of Fuktean Group at 140 Lbs . Then it is the proper big fighters with proper time .

News on 02-10-2012 : Buakaw vs Manny mooted
Muay Thai superstar Buakaw Por Pramuk is hoping to fight legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquaio in this year's annual boxing event marking His Majesty the King's birthday.

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News on 11-08-2015 : Travel - Health with Muay Thai
Many Muay Thai training camps in Thailand offer course packages, from beginner to advanced level. Some of these camps combine the ideas of luxurious resort and boot camp, and offer students some one-of-a-kind experience. Don’t let the words “boot camp” scare you though. These resort-style training camps have impeccable grounds and gentle trainers who work well with everyone, including children.

Last update of Muay Thai news : Fahmongkol will fight with Phetphangan on Suek One Thong Chai .

Last Update : December 29th , 2016
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